Are you a Good Friend?

July 27, 2007


Would you???

I know I am in my own little world but it’s OK, you know me here.

19 Responses to “Are you a Good Friend?”

  1. misti Says:

    it’s not easy to be a good friend nowadays.
    life is not simple, though yes, we can always try to less complicate simple matters.

    Nothing in life is easy.
    Thanks, Misti. 😉

  2. misha Says:

    *jiejie jemima* good morning toyou! today is already friday!

    Happy Friday to you, Misha. 🙂

  3. tihtahpah Says:

    ok..let’s do stupid things together..when u coming here

    Yeah!!! I’ll let you know, Ttpah. 😛

  4. Elviza Says:

    Dear Jemima,

    Oh! I chuckled alone looking at this posting. And yes, my friends and I did countless stupid things together. Now in our thirties, we looked back and retrospect and groaned shamefully!

    Good friday my friend

    Welcome, Elviza. 🙂

    Hehe.. nothing to be ashamed of.. just wonderful memories despite being stupid, I’m sure. 😛

    Happy Friday to you too..

  5. Elviza Says:

    sorry, it should read “looked back in retrospect.” Blame the old age

    Old? Who’s old? 😉
    No worries, Elviza. 🙂

  6. A friend in need is a friend indeed. =0

    Hugs & Loves… I hope I can be a good friend for you, Jem.

    You are already a good friend, M.
    Thanks for your email.
    I’ll reply a.s.a.p. 😉


  7. Kyels Says:

    I won’t let my friend do stupid things for sure and I’ll try to knock sense into them. However, I can’t assure that I’ve been a good friend to anyone because we all make mistakes; we’re sinners whether we like it or not though I know that I’ve tried my best not to hurt anyone that I’ve come across in my life.

    But you’re a friend, for sure.

    Good friends forgive each other’s mistakes, Kyels.
    Otherwise, how can they remain friends?

    You’ve been a wonderful friend.. not only to me but many others, I am sure.


  8. nuraina samad Says:

    hi jemima,
    there are friends and there are good friends.
    have a good weekend.
    i love fridays…so far

    Thanks for dropping by, Nuraina. 🙂

    Indeed there are.. 😉

    Happy Friday & enjoy your weekend too. 🙂

  9. h.c.tan Says:

    erm my friends always cringe when i do sth stupid, but vice versa..but we love each other anyway.hehz

    enjoy ur weekend girl..*hugz!

    That’s what friends are for.. 😉

    Have a great time partying, H.C. 😛


  10. ben Says:


    that’s why….

    all do stupid things with me~!!!

    *form choo chooo train line~*

    Hahaha.. Ben, I just heard an oldie on the radio.. ‘One way ticket’ & the lyrics goes.. “choo choo train….” 😆

  11. Cocka Doodle Says:

    Yes! You jump, I jump!

    WOW! You’re really every woman’s hero, CD. 😛

  12. alison Says:

    sometimes we need to do stupid things to keep us sane! gee… come to think of it, i think my life currently is pretty boring… i think i go find something stupid to do! it is friday after all! waaa hooo!! 😛

    Hehe.. Just don’t overdo it, Alison. 😛

    Happy weekend. 🙂

  13. Angele Says:

    Blog hopping!

    Good friends are so rare to find nowadays…
    “A true friend is someone who sees the pain in your eyes while everyone else believes the smile on your face.”

    Have a nice w-end there.

    Welcome, Angele. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the quote & do hop back here whenever you like. 😛

    Happy weekend to you too.. 😉

  14. LB Says:

    But, sometimes, you need to be alone to know who your friends are… so says the LB..

    Hugs, Jemima! Big Big Hugs!

    The LB is right. 😀

    HUGE HUGS, LB! 🙂

  15. Che-Cheh Says:

    Umphh did some stupid things with the so called best friends…so yeah we’re into it together.

    That’s great, Che-Cheh 😉

  16. may Says:

    heh… that’s a good one.

    Glad you like it, May. 🙂

  17. stev Says:

    there’s nothing better than to share stupid with your friends 🙂

    Hehe.. That’s true, Stev. 😛

  18. day-dreamer Says:

    It’s good that there are friends who do stupid things together with you. It makes it even more memorable. Hahaha!!


    Definitely, D-D. 😆

  19. iamikel Says:

    hey! no way you are doing stupid things without me!!

    Ditto, Iamikel. 😛

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